About us

About us

Product Design
Branding & Identity
Art Direction
UI/UX Design

We work with ambitious early-stage teams to define their brand, design their product and build their team.

About Fare

Having worked with over 20 different teams and startups, we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Having our experience span everything from brand to product design means we’re perfect when it comes to hiring your first designer and that’s why our clients come to us.

Our values

Ethical by default.

Do good things and have a good time doing it. We won't work with people we consider problematic or harmful to other people, the environment or our team.

Inclusive by design.

We're not the most diverse team, yet – but we're working on it. We want what we create to be enjoyed by anyone, so we design it for everyone.

Details matter.

Put simply, we give a shit. Nothing leaves our studio that we're not proud of, so we sweat the finer details of everything we work on.

Contact us

Do you have a project in mind that you'd like to discuss? Do you need some feedback on a project, or help with strategy? Or would you just like to meet our talented team of designers?

What people say about us

Thomas Reeve
Senior Product Designer
"Last year, at the Staysure group, we brought in FARE Studio to help one of our new brands. They did amazing work to understand and define our brand, bringing it to life with great design work. Their work helped deliver a 300% increase in conversion rates and dramatically reduced our CPA. I’ll hire them again, and you should too."
Auston Bunsen
Quicknode CTO
"FARE are a partner that plug in, gets their hands dirty and ensure that the product is what customers need. Talented individuals, with brilliant ideas making things happen."

Selected work