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Self-described as “Klarna for Education”, Knoma are a learn-now pay-later startup working with some of the largest names in the online education space. Their product enables students to access a loan of up-to 12 months with 0% interest to learn what they want to, even if they can’t afford the cost today.

About the project

Knoma came to us with a problem, their existing website wasn’t enabling them to serve their customers well (educators and students) and they wanted a change. Switching to a more discovery focussed business, their website needed the ability to become a marketplace alongside an education hub, focussed on giving students access to education they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

A few key parts to this identity hinged around the iterative nature of education. Building on the idea of the growth of knowledge, focussing on layers of information building up over time, we created a series of marks that are symbols linked not only to the logo itself, but also the idea that with time and commitment comes wisdom. Our second statement piece is the hand-written underlines, squiggles and marks across the website and identity. These marks allow us to showcase the self-guided nature of education, especially in Knoma’s core target market of career switchers.

A More Robust Identity

As we started work with the team at Knoma, we noticed one large stumbling block, their existing brand identity was pretty flat, lacking the depth needed to support their expanded website and future goals. Therefore we began a dual project with their team, not only would we work on building this website with the marketplace functionality at its core, we would take the opportunity to also establish an evolved, more robust identity. Building on what they already had, by taking it one step further working on things like a fresher colour palette, one that was more vibrant and decidedly confident, an attribute we believed was vital for a business in this market.


Our final delivery included a base identity system, one composed of the marks described above, a colour palette, tweaked logomark and guidelines as to how to put this all together across a variety of formats. Alongside this, we delivered a full website and marketplace, offering an accompanying base level design system, designed to enable Knoma to continue to iterate on their online presence beyond our continued involvement.

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