Art direction

Minimum, approached us to help rebrand their company as part of a company wide project to help establish themselves as a market leader in the carbon accounting world. A YC backed company, Minimum are an emissions data platform for enterprise, enabling organisations to have total visibility over their carbon emissions empowering their customers to reach Net Zero.

The project

To achieve this, we focused on creating a clean and modern design language that incorporated a variety of mathematical based pieces alongside a colour palette that evoked accountability, trust, and professionalism the team wanted from the brand.

Final Delivery

The result was a successful rebranding effort that is helping to position Minimum as the leader in emissions data management. Our final brand guidelines document combined with updated messaging, has helped Minimum appeal to an audience of larger corporations alongside startups looking to manage their carbon footprint.

The Brand

As we began the project we came to an early conclusion that we should reference the number 6 across the brand. Firstly, the atomic number of Carbon is 6, secondly there are 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons inside of a carbon atom and finally, the nature of their business is to count things we can’t see. To us, this just felt like a right fit and something that we thought could reflect well not only in an abacus style logo system but also in the abstract patterns created and seen below.

The logotype itself is based on a customised version of Alliance No. 1 from Degarism type foundry. We loved the robust nature of the typeface with sharp angles and distinct ink-traps with an added bonus of a mono-spaced version that really allows us to showcase the numeric particles behind the complicated carbon calculations that go into the product that Minimum offer.

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