Product design
Art direction

QuickNode pride themselves on creating scalable blockchain infrastructure for everyone. We joined them fresh out of YC and worked with them for a year to help the team turn their vision into a reality.

About the project

We worked with the product team at QuickNode from day one, working on building out a redesign of their MVP, ensuring we were planning for a scalable future and working on new features based on direct user feedback as we went.


Our work covered everything from pushing the design language of their existing brand, to creating and setting up a design system so they could continue our work beyond our year long stint with them. We closed up the project with QuickNode after helping the team build out their own internal design function and since our work started with them, QuickNode have gone on to raise two rounds of funding, with their most recent being a $35m round at a $250m valuation, led by Tiger.


QuickNode were our first foray into the world of Web 3.0, working with them we helped enable their customers to access to a scalable infrastructure crucial to building and supporting this new world (educating us on the intricacies of crypto along the way).

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