Design System

As the largest media group in Scandinavia, Schibsted needed a design system that could sit alongside their brands to unify the customer accounts, billing and privacy experiences for their users.

About the project

Schibsted operate several large news publications, marketplaces and media brands in Scandinavia, and until now they had all built separate interfaces for users account management. Things like billing and payments, delivery addresses, personal details, passwords and privacy needed to shift to a central single Schibsted account that could work across all their properties. This new set of interfaces needed a standardised visual style and a design system that could be easily used by all of the product and design teams across Schibsted’s brands.


Schibsted Nebula is an advanced, flexible and scalable design system. A large set of Figma components allow for quick and easy replication of flows across multiple teams projects while ensuring consistency of design and experience. On top of that, the way the system is constructed allows designers to quickly and easily create new variations of UI and components without the need to detach or work outside of the system.

Nested components allow designers to specify their requirements down to the smallest details, should they need a modal UI with a right aligned top action, a form container, illustration header and two action buttons at the bottom, they can create this quickly and easily using the nested component variants.


Working directly with one of Schibsted’s new centralised experience teams we drafted a set of requirements and defined the approach. We needed a set of tools that would allow individual design and product teams to re-use UI elements and seamlessly drop in parts of the user experience to their design mockups and prototypes. For example, a designer for VG should be able to quickly include a login flow that uses the new centralised Shibsted account.

Organisational Adoption

Nebula is in the process if being rolled out across Schibsted’s teams. The nature of this project means it may never truly be ‘finished’, but working directly with Schibsted’s engineering teams and the individual design teams for their respective brands, Nebula has become an important part of the process for both the design and build of the core Schibsted account user interfaces.

More work