Branding & Identity

The 90’s called, and they want their investment clubs back. Stockpot exists to re-invent the investment club for a modern world. Starting the Gender Wealth gap revolution, one investment club at a time.  

About the project

Stockpot came to FARE with a well-defined vision and product idea that they had been running themselves (an investment club) for a while. They needed a confident, vibrant brand that would appeal to their target market and help them launch their side project to the world.

90's inspired

Investment clubs had a bit of a heyday in the 1990’s, so using a 90’s inspired colour palette and set of ‘Sticker’ devices made a lot of sense. Combined with the ‘rude grandma’ imagery the Stockpot brand is unique and memorable.

Female Empowered

One of Stockpot’s core principles is to help break down the Gender Wealth gap, by empowering groups of women to set up and run successful investment clubs with their friends, family and neighbours. The Stockpot brand needed to feel feminine, but not twee, overly ‘cute’ or patronising. We set out to create a brand that was confident and bold.


We delivered a set of brand guidelines, brand assets and devices like the ‘stickers’ alongside a series of advertising examples. We also designed and built a simple website where people can learn all about starting their own investment club and join others.

Up to the right

With a name like Stockpot, avoiding any cliche visual references in a logo was important. We opted for a simple wordmark, which grows up and towards the right - just like your investments should when all is going well.

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